47 metal frames

"Work" was produced during summer residency of sculpture and installations students of Estonian Art Academy in the abandoned building of Kreenholm Manifacturing Company, Narva. Kreenholm used to be a large-scale textile manufacturing industry, providing work for 12 000 people, but it went bankrupt in 2010 and most people lost their work. 

I found these 47 metal frames on the location and I set them standing on their side in a long straight row, marking the line where once were located the workbenches and machines. I calculated the distance so, that if one of the frames would fall, it would tear down the whole row. While I was setting up the frames, I recorded the sounds of my work. When the installation was ready, I played back the recordings as a soundtrack for the installation. The performative part of the installation was pushing the first frame over, causing the collapse of the installation in a domino effect. After the collapse the frames formed a new pattern on the floor.