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Levitation, 2019: Video


2 metal cones, tactile transducers, flexible cords, ventilators. real-time generated sound 2019

“Levitation” is a sound installation consisting of two custom-made speakers (tactile transducers attached to sheet metal cones), hanging on bungee hook cords and being spinned around by two ventilators. The transducers are causing vibrations in the cones, producing a specific metallic sound. Both speakers are playing a sound of the same fundamental frequency, but the timbre (amplitude of different overtones) varies slowly. From time to time, this creates moments of tension between the two objects, as at certain conditions the metal starts to vibrate more intensely, as if the objects are trying to reach out for each other.

Exhibited: Solo exhibition “Almost Parallel”. VentSpace, Tallinn. 2019

Levitation, 2019: Text
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