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Inner Balance, 2019: Video


Household items, brushes, speakers, sound 2019

“Inner Balance” is a study of vibrations that is caused by low-frequency sound. It is also a performance of dancing brushes. The dramaturgy of the performance is built around finding and loosing balance. Each brush can be seen as an individual character. Speakers and other objects are carefully arranged on top of the brush, so that on certain sound frequencies the whole installation starts to resonate, vibrate and hum in peaceful harmony. When turning up the volume and introducing rhythms, the characters start to move around. They eventually loose their balance and control, drop the items that they are bearing and eventually make a big mess. I have experimented with different technical set-ups for the performance. On one case the whole performance is pre-programmed (using PureData), on other case the brushes are manually controlled by a live performer.

Inner Balance, 2019: Text
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