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sound installation

“Copper Fever” is a sound installation that consists of sound sculptures made of copper and electronic devices that generate sound. Electronic sounds are modulated by the resonance of metal shapes that are placed on top of vibration speakers. In this work, I am combining prehistoric manual metalworking techniques with modern-day electronics, as a gesture to seek reconciliation with the lost spiritual world that used to be connected with ancient mining and metalworking.  

Being one of the best electrical conductors, copper is all around us today, hiding inside electronic devices and cables. Copper is a treasure from deep Earth that has been feeding the growth of the modern economy since the time when electricity was discovered.

Copper is also the oldest metal that humans learned to use about 8000 years ago. Back then, early metallurgy used to be an activity imbued with magic and divine rituals, and Earth was considered to be a living creature. 

In today’s world, mining and usage of copper are industrial activities and spiritual values have been long forgotten.  Earth is not anymore treated with the same respect.

"Copper Fever" was first exhibited at the graduation show TASE 2021 at Estonian Academy of Arts, where it it received special mention from the jury of Young Artist Award 2021.

Copper Fever, 2021: Text
Copper Fever, 2021: Pro Gallery
Copper Fever, 2021: Video
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